Adult Football League 7 (AFL7) 2023

:joy: I’ll wish them well so seeing as another poster said they are trying to improve this. Good reminder to always proof read :joy:

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Craobh 4-16
Barrog 2-6

Just seen the na Fianna result thats a good win to bounce back after the last day and good scoring

Any other results ?

Mearnogs won by 5

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Castleknock 2-11 Vincent’s 3-4

Craobh 3-11
Castleknock 1-11

Well contested battle between both teams with some nice football played

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Mearnogs won 2-13 to stars of erin 11 pts.

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Craobh & howth called off tomorrow morning, Both venues unplayable

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Any games going ahead?

Mearnog v Jude’s now going ahead in Portmarnock


Judes beat mearnog by 3

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Any other games go ahead or
Results folks?

Not sure on a few of these but majority off

Stars of Erin 0-09 v Ranelagh 0-04
Ballinter 0-09 v Vincents 2-08
Castleknock v Scoil - OFF
Naomh Barrog v Syls - OFF
Na Fianna v St Annes - TBC
Peregrines v Boden - TBC
Judes 1-08 v Mearnog 0-08
Binn Eadair v Craobh - OFF

Cheers Clubber :+1:t2:

Spoke with the judes manager after the game who told me we done well to stay with them as they brought 6 lads down from the d3 team whos game was off. We missed 3 goal chances and had alot of possession juat couldn’t score, they were very well organised and good in the tackle.


Craobh beat Howth 6-17 to 1-8

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6-18 to 7 , we beat peregrines. We had a strong forward line and played very good infairness

Was Damo in goal?

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Not sure but there keeper kept the score line down

It was Damo so.


That damo the dub? Lovely fella of so