Adult Football League 8 (AFL 8) 2018


Ballyboden St Endas
Kilmacud Crokes (1)
Kilmacud Crokes (2)
Na Fianna
Naomh Fionnbarra
Ranelagh Gaels
Round Towers (L)
St Finians (S)
St Oliver Plunketts ER
St Peregrines
St Kevins Killians
Stars of Erin
Wild Geese

How come Kevin Killians dropped down?

St Peregrines v Kevins/Killians ended 1-09 a piece. Good game of ball. Any other results?

Stars of Erin bet wild geese well I heard

Stars of Erin : 1-20
Wild Geese : 0-04

Plunketts 0-16 vs Na Fianna 2-8

Ballyboden beat portobello by a point. Decent game in tough enough conditions

Kevin’s kill drew away to peri’s.

I see Lusk bet Ballyboughal well. Any word from the Kilmacud Derby?

Garda 3-14
Ranelagh Gaels 1-6

Football really struggling in that Hurling Club?

Crokes won by 10 :smiley::smiley::smiley:

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Plunketts beat wild geese by 7.

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Geese beat portbello

Plunketts 4-14 Perigrines 1-10
Boden 1-14 Ranelagh 1-8
Na Fianna 3-20 Finians 0-11
Kevins Killians 1-11 Crokes1 1-11
Finbarrs 4-9 Ballyboughal 2-9

Just Stars of Erin v Garda result and Crokes2 v Towers missing.

Plunketts beat Kevin’s K by 2 today.

Plunketts beat Strars of Erin by a point.

Plunketts 2-14 portabelo 0-5

Plunketts beat Crokes 1 by a goal.

Ballyboughal 1-08 Na Fianna 4-07

… and still that elusive look across all threads for a Na Fianna loss continues … :wink:

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