Adult Football League 8 (AFL8) 2016

Stars lost to Finians Swords.
0-14 to 1-19

Ranelgh Gaels v Joeys was abandoned.

Have a wild guess why :joy:

Would love to see how many abandoned games teams are involved in over the last 5 years. I would say Joeys are a few ahead of the rest

St Kevins Killians beat St Pats Donabate 6-17 - 3-07. Could have been more

Killians to win the league. C Championship aswell would be some achievement-won first two rounds…

Jaysus, havn’t heard of a game being abandoned in a loooong time.

Don’t go into details, but i can hazard a guess why :zipper_mouth:

They are a serious outfit alright. They deserved to go up last year to be honest.

Its a pitty, we played them last year and they had a few nice players, just as a team the sense was they could loose it at any time.

They had all there old lads last year who got them through their seasons (me included, cruciate gave in) but they added youth this year and they’re not just settling in but making a huge impact. I can’t see them being beaten if they show up every week. Best of luck to everyone

Cuala [quote=“jondel, post:9, topic:401”]
I can’t see them being beaten if they show up every week. Best of luck to everyone
[/quote] Kevin Killions lost to Cuala on last Sunday

Crokes beat Stars.

8 in it at the end, but was not a fair reflection of the game. 3 goals in 5 mins was the killer. Fairly matched… apart from that 5 mins :unamused:

Pats beat Cuala, it was about 3-7 to 1-3

Na Fianna 7-11 St Josephs OCB 0-08

Kevins Cillians V Na Gaeil Óga off due to death of father of Kevin’s Cillians player.

Ranelagh Gaels 0-12 Killmacud Crokes 0-09

Ballyboughal 0-13
Gers 1-13

Stars Lost to periginnes. 3 In it in the end.

Stars beat Gers. 4 in it in the end.

Na Gaeil Óga beat St. Pat’s.

Didn’t realise it was 4 in end. Well deserved win.