Adult Football League 8 (AFL8) 2017

Was told Portobello went out to Finians without their jerseys & had to concede.

round towers lusk beat ballyboden st endas 2 goals and 14 points to 2 goals and 13 points. ballyboden were 5 points up with 10 minutes to go and lost by a point.

Ballyboden St endas beat Kilmacud crokes 2 goals and 8 points to 12 points last night in league great result great chance of making the playoffs

Getting very tight in the playoff places now. Portobello lost 2 in a row and other teams closing in

Ballyboden lost to St periginges by 10 points 3 goals and 15 points to 1 goal and 11 points still very tight at the top of the table and in the playoff places

just curious, how come you don’t write a score as 3-15 to 1-11?

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sorry pal 3-15 to 1-11

anyone know the result of the Portbello vs Geraldine Morans game from last night.

Gers won by around 10points i think in the end

Gers 2-14 vs 0-7 Portobello.

Ballyboden drew with geraldine Moran’s 0-12 to 0-12

big weekend in the league.ballyboden play ranelagh gaels and kilmacud crokes play st sylesters with two points separating ballyboden and kilmacud crokes in the battle to get to the playoff places.

Biden got well beaten by ranelagh i think about 10 in the end

na Fianna beat Boughal

boden are playing st finans swords on sunday at 11am. last game of the season.

st finans swords gave ballyboden a walkover. what happens if a team give a walkover. does it go on head to head or score difference. just wondering because if goes on head to head ballyboden would make the playoffs.

Goes into mini league between 3 teams Boden/Crokes/Finians. As Finians gave walkover that puts them bottom of league. Why did they give walkover?

Finians go bottom and it goes on head to head between the other two as far as I know.

Here is the rule from the regulations.

  1. For the purposes of Rules 6.21(4)© / 6.38 T.O. 2016 the following shall apply to all League/ Championships, Leagues and Cups run on a league basis;
    When teams finish on equal league points for Qualification for the concluding stages, or for promotion or Relegation, the tie shall be decided by the following means and in the order specified;
    (i) Where two teams only are involved – the procedures as outlined in Rule 6.20 (5) © T.O. 2014 shall apply.
    (ii) Where more than two teams are involved – Scoring difference (subtracting the total scores against from the total scores for) of the games where the teams tied on points played each other only. In the event that a team involved in a tie consisting of more than two teams had their finishing points total affected by a loss of points against that team on a proven objection, forfeiture of points for breach of rule / regulation, or by loss of points for failing to fulfil a fixture, that team shall not be included in any play-off and shall deemed to have finished in last place in whatever means is used to decide the tie. The procedures outlined in Rule 6.21 (4) © T.O. 2016 shall then be used to separate the remaining teams in the tie.

So all Finians had to do yesterday to make play offs was avoid defeat ? And they conceded the game ? Madness

So Boden go through having beaten crokes in the head to head