Adult Football League 9 (AFL9) 2017

Fixtures available here

I’d say some games may lose out to the weather…tss vs colmcilles is off

Maurs Harps was off. Pitch unplayable

Any matches go ahead in this? No results up yet.

Before you say it Bart, we are not waiting for Sky Sports to report on it :middle_finger:

Cilles 3-15 judes 3-12

Harps 8-18 TSS 1-08

Cilles beat pats

We bet Judes 4-09 to 2-09

Cilles 1-13 starlights 2-6

Harps 3-13 to 0-02 Pat Palmerstown

Cilles beat clan mhuire

Clontarf beat Pats by 4pts, very much a game of two halfs. Clontarf 3-7 to 2 at HT. Finished 3-12 to 3-8

Maurs beat Rosmini by 2.
Something like 5-6 to 2-13

Starlights bet us by 2. Very good game and could have gone either way. Ref should have sent off a few lads, black cards mostly and let them talk back to him all day, warning them to stop but doing nothing about it. Also, what is the story with gumshields? Think there was only 2 or 3 wearing them which was pointed out and he said he cant do anything about it??

He can put a player off the pitch,and yellow card him, and not allow him back until he is wearing a gumshield, but like a lot of rules, especially at this level, it pretty much depends on the referee and what rules he decices to play by on any given day.

Unfortunately thats true…a ref this season told a number of our players not to worry about something because it’s only afl 9…

Hope yas weren’t trying to get anyone in trouble with the ref pointing out the gumshields :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Haha no just the fact lads had same numbers on jerseys as others and with lads the same colour hair was hard to keep track…was plenty of the same numbers…pretty sure three 7’s

If he’s a dentist he probably doesn’t give a sh!t …

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Was that against us? We were tight for jerseys that day alright, I asked the ref was it OK and he said it was fine, he would work it out, however in our match last Thursday the ref told us jersey numbers had to match the player listing

Dam straight I was, its either a rule or its not!