Adult Football League 9 (AFL9) 2020

Provisional Fixtures

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What’s story with the bye?
I can see that being changed to trinity gaels…

Had they intended to drop out perhaps?

Definitely not…
Updated now but fixtures up all subject to change, not official fixtures as of yet

Wild Geese have withdrawn from the league and their adult football team has disbanded. Unfortunately over the last few years numbers have dwindled, and with no juvenile section it was getting harder and harder to a field team!
It’s a sad day for all involved :frowning:
We will have to focus all our effort now into the hurling setup and push it on with another strong year!


Can somebody please explain why Naomh Olaf are down on Hill 16 as playing 3 opponents at the same time on the 16th Feb? Certainly a tech glitch ?

Awful shame to hear this, we had few great clashes with the Geese over the years with them having some top grade players in the Monks, super keeper etc. Best of luck to ye whatever happens.

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Murphy not official fixtures. Mess up with teams in league. Final fixtures will be sorted soon

Thanks that makes sense

Sad to hear this

ironically their hurlers have climbed to AHL6 and field a team in AHL9

The hurlers have the pick of lads from other football clubs though too - Ravens, Ballyboughal other rural areas outside Swords etc etc

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Any decent footballer’s? Where will they move?

Good few going to Maggies, few to boughal, few to garristown, few just playing hurling and a few put out to pasture!

Very sad to see.
I hope the hurling continues to flourish so that the club can continue to have a presence and one fay, the big ball game may return.

Sad to see any club having to pull out of the league but at least you still have the hurling
Pity but if no juveniles coming thru it’s going to happen unfortunately…maybe it’ll pick up again in the near future

Hopefully most fixtures get played this coming weekend , would be bad seeing teams get a head start on game time! I’m expecting a very close league this year

Fingers crossed! Looks like it will be close. Hard to separate the top teams!

Who are the top teams ?

Not sure to be honest…New to the division!! Looking at last year’s table, I’d hazard a guess and say the likes of Cuala, Skerries, Clann Mhuire and Finians will be battling out to go one step further! Suppose never know until a few games in to see how the dust settles!

Cuala will be strong and Clann Mhuire and Skerries will be up there. TSS could be decent. Could they get bodies with 1st and 2nd teams playing Saturday evening?