Adult Football League 9 (AFL9) 2023


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Week 1 Fixtures. Subject to change.

Portobello 0-14
Brigids 0-11

Na fianna beat us by 3. Played with 14 men for 40 mins. Was a good game could have went either way. Best of luck to na fianna for the rest of the year and also a mention to the ref who had a couple of games today but made sure he was there and was very good


Might not be a whole lot of interest in this league on here but to stand on a sideline and watch 4 18 year olds who first stood beside you when they were 4 years old have a major influence on a game is very satisfying.


Just looking at the results on Hill16 all the games seemed close enough bar Clann Mhuire and RTC.Clann hammered them. RTC have been on a downward direct for awhile now.

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Jude’s beat Cuala

Erin’s Isle have given a walkover to St. Brigids tomorrow. Can’t field a team.


Good game tonight, Portabello will be kicking themselves, 3 goals in the last 15 mins including last kick of the game from the penalty spot saw St Judes edge out a 2 point win.
2 decent sides for this division
Ref had a good game


Brigids won out in Clann Mhuire.

I’m away this week so only got the score secondhand.

Brigids winning the entire game. 1-09 to 1-02 at h/t. Clann Mhuire kicked 5 points from 29th min to 35th minute in 2nd half to get it back to 1 point

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It’s only 30 minutes a half in club games, was there many injuries?

Yeah i’m aware its only 30 in club games . Clann Mhuire had a score board with a timer and had just over 35 when the game finished. Brigids probably tried to run the clock down in last 15 minutes like any team and ref took that into account

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Clann Mhurire haven’t started well and Finians and Rossini gaels have lost 3 of 3 which is a surprise considering they were division 8 last year. My guess is that Rosmini lost lad to other clubs and Finians lost the young wing forward who has probably gone up to the 1st team, he was flying at the end of last year for them without much help.

Anyone know ?


Clann Mhurire started with big win over RTC and lost a close game to St Brigids. Rossmini Gaels gave a w/o over the weekend say alot of the country lads were away home for the weekend. Skankill are flying it at the moment Wonder if they picked up a few players from Cuala.

Any of these games going ahead this evening ?

Brigids Vincents going ahead

Vins won by 3/4. Not sure or exact scoreline.

Two very good outfits, and the standard seems to be rising year in year out. That game wouldn’t have looked out of place a few divisions higher!

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Finians beat Isles in a refixed game last night, was a decent game. End to end stuff very open

Good bunch of lads the Isles fellas

2-10 to 1-12

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