Adult Football League (AFL6) 2023

Stopped clock eh!

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Towers won by 4 cracking game ref let a lot go in the tackle and made the game by doing so 3-16 to 4-9 I think it finished

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TD and Mary’s seem to have fallen off completely after good starts in this league

James gaels give garristown a run for their money ?

Panama this question has been asked already they didn’t last year and I don’t think they will this year on current form :man_shrugging:t2:

They drew against them last year in a controversial match. Hard to see past Garristown this year especially off current form

Sorry hurlingbhoy. I just reckon james gaels are really really good and would like to see the meath men being given one hard game this year!

If they were really really good they wouldn’t be mid table. That’s my take

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Pats of Donabate will run garristown closer than James gaels . Pats very good side mix of youth and experience also very well drilled. Think that’s last game of year.

I reckon the league will be done and dusted by then and it will be a meaningless game for both sides

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Highly likely as pats are 3 points off them as stands

I think donabate bet garristown in playoff to get promoted to div 6 two years ago.

And now Garristown could beat Pats 1st team!

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They’re fifth, only behind Crokes on scoring difference, three points off second place, and with a game in hand against Wanderers (which you’d expect them to win).

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Maybe the will beat pats 1st team next year when they get out of intermediate this year and up senior B!!

Away for a few weeks so here’s my predictions

Mags Wanderers Draw
Brigids by 1 v Plunketts
Thomas Davis Lucan Draw
Na Gaeil Oga by 3 v RTL
Pats by 4 v CS
Marys by 3 v Chokes
Na Fianna by 12 v Ballyer
St James Gaels Garristown Draw

Away to a looney hospital for a few weeks by the look of some of them predictions…


Willing to give garristown -5 away to James Ghaels

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Handicap is -12 with PP. Fill you’re boots!


not a chance.

anyone else wit there predictions?