Adult Hurling League 1 (AHL 1) 2020


Ballinteer St Johns
Ballyboden St Endas
Craobh Chiarain
Kilmacud Crokes
Lucan Sarsfields
Na Fianna
Naomh Barrog
St Brigids
St Vincents
Whitehall Colmcilles

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For tge sake of Dublin I hope Brigids craobh and na fianna fight this out with Whitehall pushing on from last season and Barrog close in every game

Cuala boden and crokes cant keep dominating


Vincents ?

Id rather see Vins have a middle of the road league in order to rrally make the mark in champo, huge potential in them

Ive nothing against Cuala Boden or Crokes credit for what they have done the last 15 years but Dublin needs more trams in the mix in leaguee and champ. Lucan same as Vins

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The problem in breaking the Southside hurling stranglehold is that their structures at underage are just incredibly rock solid , they aint going away

Plus huge numbers at those bigger ones help.

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What odds on a NaFianna breakthrough this year starting with the league and on to champ in 2021?

Na fianna bottle it like they do every year so much talent and potential no bottle in most of there supposedly better players

ah sher didnt they say that about boden when craobh kept beating them, then boden did the 5 in a row.

Actually that allows this question

Is this na fianna team as talented as that boden team pre breakthrough?

Bottling such a derogatory term for armature Club players , Na Fianna are one of several teams that have the potential to take a championship, but they are up against three of the strongest sides going in Boden Crokes and most notably Cuala
A case may be made to the likes of themselves Lucan as underperforming , but in order to be a serial bottler you would have to been in winning dominating position’s many times and somehow claw defeat from the hands of victory to warrant bottler title.
Does hurlingdubs have a personal gripe with Na Fianna


Hate that word bottlers. Maybe Na Fianna just need to get couple fresh faces, either players or management to make it click!
IMO you can have a Team with all the talent in the world, but, getting them to perform as a unit isn’t that easy.

They’re unlucky to lose lads like Joey Boland and Tom Brady to backbone the young talent, with those two in place they’d be a formidable unit, still think they’ll get there.

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21’s had good line up this year, worked well together in Champo.

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Look back at the past few years have they not bottled it but it is looking like they’ve a seriously good side comin through nothing against them just pointing it out

I haven’t seen enough of Na Fianna to state they have or have not bottled anything
Is your opinion based on your own observations and would you get to many of their games , if you do well then your better informed than me ,
I attend my own club games primarily so opinions on other clubs are not the best informed

Bottled it suggests they were good enough to win it just fell apart, I’d say they’re just not up to standard required to win it yet. But suspect they’ll be close over the next few years when some of the younger players step up to and adjust fully to senior grade.


No one bottled anything. Really hate this throwing around insults, as if the poster would rally the team like some Hollywood movie. Na Fianna are building, they have young players, they are competitive and they are a coming team. I heard they had a run against the Dub u20 in the last weekend. DUblin hurling need encouragement, not anonymous bullshit insults, as if they were professionals getting a fat paycheque. I’ve been close to a lot of these lads and seen what sacrifices they make, and we all know it’s a lot so go easy on dismissing and insulting lads who are giving their all to entertain us and to honour their clubs. We are very blessed to have this. We could be in a working men’s club in Norwich, wishing our players gave a damn about our team…


‘ If you say that someone has bottled it, you mean that they have lost their courage at the last moment and have not done something they intended to do.’

I don’t think this applies to Na Fianna either, I would say that maybe the sum of the parts on paper could have progressed a bit further in recent years possibly but that’s a different matter

Possibly but there’s a trend for it taking longer then people expect. Same was said about Boden and to a lesser extent cuala.