Adult Hurling League 1 (AHL1) 2022

Whitehall need to get a result v Balinteer if they want to get off the foot of the table anytime soon. Boden really seems to be motoring well.

Whitehall will be without O’Donnell now, am sure their management are delighted about that

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Be Happy. :sweat_smile:

To be fair a lot of county lads are taking a break.

See Dara Purcell scored 6 from play the other evening.

Close to 20 hurling panel are currently away on holiday

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A team holiday ? After losing the SHC ?

Don’t let Mullane get word of this

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Nearly three weeks in Barbados. Great bonding after an excellent season.

Is that Whitehall relegated?

Boden really whipped craobh

Boden seem to be very strong

I keep telling ye Hammersley was unreal signing to make, he will be pushing them on and acting as an instant leader but tonnes of ressers here keep telling me he is only an auld 30 plus Tipp washout :laughing:


There were 7 starters that won the u21 tonight.


Ah yeah am certainly not saying it is just Hammersley. Boden were good odds last time I checked for Senior Champo, they will defo be close.

Curtin is giving young lads a chance, I’ve seen Hammersley 4 times and each time I was underwhelmed. Though he may have leadership qualities that these young lads will learn from.


Pure Summer hurler, he will shine in this year’s Champo

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