Adult Hurling League 1 (AHL1) 2022

Who to watch out for in championship? When did Biden win u20?

It’s a long time since Biden was u20. Boden won u21 last year. Beat Vins in final. Or was it this year😂. Last one played anyway.


Luke Mulligan Lynch, Eoin Behan, Paddy Dunleavy, Darragh Kenny, Pearse Christie, Jack Lambert, Luke McDwyer (I think) we’re on the u21 team.


Ha, did they? Lost track of that competition. Interesting.

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Familiar with some of those guys alright, bit of pace in there as well which helps. Really looking forward to shc.

I presume everyone knows at this stage that I am Timmy Hammersley in disguise


I just think you’ve a crush on him😉

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It’s the tipp accent that gives it away.


HatchetMan was the give away clue

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Looking like the final will be Boden v Lucan or Vins. Whitehall dropping along with Ballinteer

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Vins v Lucan next round, then Lucan have Crokes last round and Vins have Whitehall, so the next game is huge.

It’s tight down the bottom.

Ballinteer have Barrog left to play. If Barrog win that they should be safe, if Barrog do win that then Craobh could dragged into a playoff as their last two games are Na Fianna and Cuala.


Missed this write up last week

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Both Sammons from Parnells playing for Craobh there. Boden with the luxery of bringing on old heads like Durkin and Paul Ryan.

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Mellett getting 2-3 in the corner as well

Curtin & hiney have them going well

Looks like Whitehall have conceded to them tonight

Disappointing, few enough games as it is without walkovers.