Adult Hurling League 1 (AHL1) 2022

thats disappointing as the ticket sales to see Timmy hammersley were rocketing the last few days.

On a wider note it is disappointing in D1 alright and would go hard on any club to have to do so

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How many teams have Whitehall?

Thats crokes sen 2 and now Whitehall sen 1 giving walkovers top 2 leagues in county . Very wrong really de values the whole thing



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Lads must be too busy playing Under 19 hurling?

Both were midweek fixtures conceeded in the middle of summer


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Was Crokes not a Saturday evening

Possibly was. I thought it was a Friday night off memory, never checked. maybe not.

shouldn’t really matter which night in a 4000 member club. They obviously couldnt field and are safe in their division. People will argue about integrity of the competition but feic that when the county board demean the integrity of Hurling itself by squashing the opening 2 champo rounds into 3 or 4 days


Are they already relegated?

Damn…I find myself agreeing with Lostcause.
That is a cause of significant concern to my already Worried ego. Am I doomed ?


Balinteer moving well. Only the 31 point defeat


Jaysus 7 goals is some going

This has been coming for a while. Faughs got their shit together after they dropped down to Division 1 that time.

Was Colm Foley playing? Do much damage did he?

A reservoir dubs selection could probably have lost by less

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Easy LJ think of the children


Good jaysis that’s some scoreline

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There’s bizzare score lines left right n centre , as mentioned by many travelling holidays etc players getting a life back

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Yea with championship starting July I’d say a lot of people are away now