Adult Hurling League 10 (AHL 10N)

Gardai v Clontarf off as Gardai off to Ukrainian march on Sunday.

Wild geese conceded to Craobh earlier in week and withdrew from league

Heard that. Only playing champo i believe this year.

They must be marching so because very few members of the Force play with Garda teams these days!

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Match is going to be re-fixed.

Joey’s got there first win in a few years against Barrog, 1-10 to 1-5 in a well matched game down in Fairview.

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Looks like Na Gaeil Aeracha have made a good start to life as a hurling club - fairplay to them!


A lot more on this team now have joined up to make this team.

Parnell’s with another big win, they played Senior Hurling a few years ago I think, bit mad they can start back in division 10 when they folded for only a year?


Absolutely. It does nobody any favours!

Cracking match between Clontarf and Na Gaeil Aeracha

Is that Garda/Westmanstown’s first adult hurling victory tonight?

First win - but got w/o points too from Wild Geese. League competitive at the top though this year

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Good to see odywers getting a few wins this year. Has been a rough ten years or more for them.

They’re up near the top so going grand

It sure has been a hard number of years. Many a player came out of retirement over the last number of years to keep the team fielding, even played a few myself.

A number of players finally came out of minor to add to the team which we haven’t had in a long long time.


If they can hold onto a few of their underage lads coming through, they won’t be long in AHL10!

Any results from last night? Clubs taking an age to post them after games

Majority of those results are showing on Hill 16