Adult Hurling League 10 (AHL 10N)

Ta saw those but can be days before full list is in. Can’t be that hard for clubs to text in the score after a game?

I don’t know about any others, but for the last 2 matches there were issues with the text.

Last time the text actually went to a different contact in the club, someone involved in an adult football team.

And time before the text didn’t come through to me until late on the Friday night after a Thursday night match!

So maybe not always the fault of the club/mentor

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Totally. It’s fiddly for some and not sure why they’re going to the wrong mentor. Just a pity there’s not social media results from clubs - it’s all hit and miss

Slightly off topic but any idea if the junior g and h champos have quarter finals? Based on the fixture list and assuming there are quarters the finals wouldn’t be played until around 27 november (assuming a 2 week gap between each knock out round)

They won a few senior hurling championships in a row back in the 20s/30s

A lot of people complaining that the system dublin county board have is very clunky and times out etc. but yet the person texting is charged and if they don’t do it on on time the club is fined.

I’ve seen them go to wrong mentors in the past, but thought that was gone. Lot of the ref and club downloads are well out of date so there’s room for confusion

Who, nowadays, pays a charge for a text? For most people their payment plan includes unlimited texts.

I know plenty of people on pay as u go. Also lots of mentors are technophobic. The point is the DCB have a shonky system in place and the process is also confusing. System crashes on Saturdays when everyone is trying to upload the scores. Home team is supposed to text, but lots of cases where away side insist on texting as they don’t trust home side, but it’s the refs score that’s final?

Never heard it crash or ever had an issue before and being using it a long time. Whole thing is very simple, you simply just reply to a text message and better off copying and pasting the original message and inputting the score.

Lead mentor gets the text from sports manager so don’t know who the away team would be texting as it’s an automatic system.
In the past if I haven’t got a text to reply to because home team gave up home advantage I’d leave a voice mail with the county board.


Hearing a lot of feedback myself. We probably move in different circles.

Can’t see them entertaining a score from opposition. Only problem I’ve seen is auto text going to wrong home mentors. Still think that’s down to outdated contact sheets. Many refs too aren’t on the Excel sheets on Hill 16