Adult Hurling League 10 South (AHL10S) 2022

Have ya moved clubs Sneakers or whats the interest in Div 10S :rofl:

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I’m for all levels of hurling in the county :laughing:


A good few local derbies in this one.

I’m hearing there has been some great games in this Division this year ? Can anyone confirm ? Stars of Erin / Portobello / commercials are some of the names that have been mentioned ?

Haven’t heard anything. Relying on people who attend the games to give us updates

No problem, they are all playing Thursday so I’ll head to one of the games and let you know if the “hype” is real :stuck_out_tongue:

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Portobello are good enough to be playing in AHL7 minimum if not AHL6. No good for anyone them playing in Dublins lowest league…they remind me of Joeys not so long ago, how long they can keep a team of country lads together we will see.

Commercials second team are the next best, as there is a north and south section is it only 1 up from both? Fair play to the likes of Morans, Anne’s, Stars getting the hurling going again.


Yeah i’ve heard they are very strong. They only bet St. James Gaels by 2 points last year though I was told. I thought they were a football only club ?

I believe its 1 from north & south go up and then 2nd from each play off for the 3rd promotion. I could be wrong though.

Winner of north and south go up then play for the league final

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Much stronger this year and like most country teams are stronger midweek.