Adult Hurling League 10 South (AHL10S) 2022

Great to see Commercials putting it up to Portobello. St. James Gaels and Stars of Erin with strong results too. I heard a young lad from Thomas Davis cut over a sideline from 45 yards out… in a junior 10 match … Hurling is safe in Dublin ! haha :smiley:


Any idea if this is the case or any dates for it yet?

Not that I’ve seen although someone on here might have the provisional dates

Last round of fixtures in the north division on July 7th. If there is a league final after that I’d say 2 weeks later once the south finishes around same time.

Last round of Games in South I think is Sun 10th with a few back fixtures after that. Will be hard to fit a League final in with Championship starting on 21st July

Yeah doesn’t sound like this is set up for a north vs south final.