Adult Hurling League 10 South (AHL10S) 2022

I was speaking to some of the Commercial players and they said James’ are a lot stronger then the results have shown. Much better than Stars by the sounds of things. Looking at their results they were giving a lot of walkovers against teams that typically get a hammering so their pts difference could be a lot higher. They are integrating a lot of young lads too I believe from their underage setup.

Personally I think 3 should regrade due to the Covid hold up as like a poster mentioned above, there are too many good teams in this division. Commercials and Portobello deserve to go straight up and maybe Gaels vs Stars for the last spot?

Agreed, but common sense and the county board seldom go hand in hand.

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Agreed, but common sense and the county board seldom go hand in hand.


clubs can apply themselves to go up leagues, such requests are usually accommodated if possible, it needs gaps to appear in the highler leagues though which can only arise if some club doesnt have a team or applies to go down

yeah, Joeys had a super team for a few years, covid upset them big time, country lads started to work from home , some never came back but i think the decline had started bit before anyways

have joeys made any effort to start juvenile in hurling or football?

I’ve no idea if they have attempted but they don’t seem to have underage teams. Who would be their nearest active club? Scoil Uí Chonaill?

We tried twice in 5 years in the football and we’re refused , we finished second twice, with one year only missing out on head to head. We got told we were playing Whitehall the second time round in a playoff then it never went ahead :man_shrugging:t2:
Even still we shouldn’t have to request anything.
the promotions in both codes should be line with the rest of the leagues

I can recall getting putting up a league( lower leagues) by the Board without seeking it, appealed it were left in the higher league, duly finished the bottom end of the league and were backn where we belonged the following season

Recent when the north south format came in?

yeah Scoil and Vincents really

as far I can see, there is no club active in the north inner city at all, any club at all trying to tap into the residential streets\areas around Sheriff Street, 5 lamps, north inner city ? that should be Joey’s turf.

I believe St Brendans are working hard in the stoneybatter, smithfield area as they dip down from Grangegorman

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I am not going into detail here, in fairness there was a certain logic to pushing us up even if we didnt agree

My experience is the board will consider requests to move up\down league and facilitate where is it both practical and possible. however, it needs a lot of things to fall into place for it to happen, it is not easy

were St Pats Palmerstown allowed to drop league and championship grades?

Parnells chose to go grades years back in hurling

Doesn’t sound like it’s usually accommodated so. For my and other smaller clubs I know the experience it wasn’t so clear cut when it should have been. And if I was one the newer hurling teams in this league this year I’d be raising a stink. Who’s to say a bigger club with a larger pool of players doesn’t blitz this league next year? Hardly progressing the newer hurling teams which we need in this county. Same thing happens in the football. :upside_down_face: Can understand the logic of the north south split Can’t understand why there isn’t promotion playoffs :man_shrugging:t2:

Definitely of no help to the likes of Gers, Kevin’s Killians, Realt Dearg, Anne’s, Kevin’s, Crokes Etc in this league to go out and get hammered heavily nearly every week. County board would be mad not to push the top 4 teams up through the leagues. Definitely doing no justice to growing hurling considering this is meant to be the beginners league

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Pats dropped from Intermediate and picked up a handy Junior B championship last year

Sounds about right. I think Plunketts/ER have a bit of a presence as a result of their merger but not sure how active they are. Fair play to the county board for pumping all that money they got in between the canals.

DCB will usually only move extra teams if clubs
from a higher league are looking to go down. Tbf they can’t move too many it’s Just not possible unless as stated above,. Portobello we’re refused at the start of the year which was just silly.

They could do a full regrade and make north and south div 9 which would be the best solution, 10 teams in both. That promotes 4 teams from north and south div 10. But it’s really up to the clubs involved to put forward proposals as it won’t happen otherwise.

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Yeah Porto put in a request before Christmas to move up but were denied. Have a good few moving on next year whether thats heading home or abroad so may not be as strong but will look to move to Division 8.

On another note, was a bit of an anti climax to the end of the league with no Cup/League final. I know its difficult with back fixtures lingering and Championship starting soon. Just comparing it to last years final v Thomas Davis where there was a great bit of buzz between the two teams and good match too.


Promotion play-off game tonight at 8 at St Finians in Newcastle. Commercials vs Stars of Erin.

Commericals won well

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Solid Commercials win, 2-23 to 0-12. Should be playing North winners next week, believe it’s Lucan.

No playoff necessary, Commercials promoted to Division 9 for next year

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