Adult Hurling League 10 South (AHL10S) 2023

A couple of new additions to this grade, Ranelagh Gaels and wanderers the latest to enter an adult hurling team. I think it’s St Marks first time entering a 2nd team in a good few years and I think Council haven’t in a few years either . Some nice local derby’s in Tallaght with the 4 local clubs.

With no Portobello running up
Cricket scores it should be a relatively competitive league with James Gaels probably the strongest in it.,


Great to see a lot of clubs new to hurling getting adult teams going as well as having started underage.


Them Portobello boys live rent free in your head @Southdublin :sweat_smile:



Council fielded last year anyway. Not sire previous to that. Think they were on the “Northside” :joy:

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Fancy SJG to be the new Portobello

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It’s great to see wanderers and ranelagh fielding an adult hurling team. I assume this is a first for ranelagh but did wanderers have a hurling team in the past?

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Ranelagh fielded last year in the champo if I remember? Agreed, great to see more clubs picking up hurling!

Ranelagh fielded in the championship last year , never ever heard of wanderers having a team in hurling , good to see anyways

I see Parnells have a team in AHL10 north and craobh have entered a third team

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I’m hearing SJG have lost a lot of players from last year? Any truth to it does anyone know? It Could be very competitive this year.

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Any sign of a fixture list?

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