Adult Hurling League 2 (AHL2) 2016

Setanta beat St. Pats§ by a point last night, Setanta went in at halftime leading by 3pts but Pats scored 2 goals straight after the break, Setanta caught up and led by 4pts at one stage and held out to win. Final score 2.14 to 2.13. I am glad this match is out of the way and would not like to play Pats in their next couple of games as they will really try to get their first win of the season.

Plunketts beat Whitehall by 9
Finbarrs beat Raheny by 12
Mearnog beat Boden by 3
Parnells beat Faughs by 1
Crokes beat Castleknock by 2

Pats beat Mearnog by 12
Whitehall beat Raheny by 13
Castleknock beat Plunketts by 10
Boden conceded v Finbarrs

Boden conceded a game? Unusual for that to happen.

You’re right it is unlike Boden. For some reason or other we are struggling for numbers with all teams at this point in time. It is quite embarrassing for a club like ours. It shouldn’t be happening but lots of players unavailable at the moment. Should start to improve again soon.

Crokes beat Parnell’s tonight 1-16 to 0-11 not the best game of hurling but Crokes definitely the deserved winners. Parnell’s made the full 5 changes but didn’t make any difference. Crokes free taker took his chances where as Parnell’s didnt

Setanta 1.18 Faughs 6.18. We were up against it from the beginning, having only 15 players. Getting one red card did not help.

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What was it with the weekend just gone and all teams struggling with Numbers??? Mad stuff

Were Parnells down bodies against Crokes? Went out looking forward to seeing them as they have been doing so well but they looked fairly average. Agree with Alycat, Frees were the big difference in the end.

Like most teams down a few just beaten by a better team

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Nobody seems to be posting anything about AHL2 lately.Setanta played Crokes last Wednesday and lost by 11 points and yet they had five clear chances of goals,including two penalties,and came away with nothing mainly because of a stunning display by the Crokes keeper.Don’t know his name but it has been a long time since I saw a keeper this good.Crokes had two players sent off.On Sunday we played OPER and won by seven points and again they had two players sent off.Both teams missing big players but we have two players back training this week so things getting slightly better.

Pat beat Faughs last wednesday by 2 points then drew with finbars on sunday in a game that was refereed dreadfully for both teams.

Faughs beat Crokes last night by 6 points.

Setanta 2-18 Raheny 1-15.Referee had it as 2-17 to 1-16 so he obviously gave a Setanta point to Raheny as 5 different people around us had it at 2-18 to 1-15.Good game.

Lads, any result from Barróg and Towers from last night??

Yes go into ahl3

ooops, having a slow day here :joy:

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Setanta 3-18 Ballyboden 2-15.Boden were right there up to final 5 minutes.Matt Weldon scored three points from sideline cuts and one was from the half way line.


Looks like a great end to the league with up to six clubs possibly winning the league. I thought it was the Barrs for the taking, but Castleknock have upset my apple cart. Looking forward to the last two rounds of match’s. The bottom sides will also fight tooth and nail to stay up. So best of luck to all involved and roll on September the tenth.

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Setanta beat N. Mearnog 0.13 to 1.06 out in Mearnogs

Does anyone in the know on here have an idea what the plan is for the weekend of 8th Oct? The final round of league games is scheduled but is the county board planning to replace them with championship?