Adult Hurling League 2 (AHL2) 2020

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So fixtures on the Dublin GAA website are not correct. Who runs the website :roll_eyes:

Ridiculous. Why do they publish them all on hill16 if that’s the case.

Presume it was error to publish them. Would be suprised to see many changes to it

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Think they are doing a new draw of fixtures. Rather than just replacing names with those promoted and relegated.

Im probably looking at this too simply but…

If league promtion/relegations are sorted in October to early November, and vlubs dont get the county lads for league anyway why is there such a delay with arranging fixtures?

Think MK has said that players not on the 26 panal for each match can play for their clubs

I bet the poor web guy was given the list and told to publish it and is no getting it in the neck for publishing …

Clubs don’t confirm their entries until mid January.


Pretty sure Bray will be playing

Wouldnt write of Otooles

Division 2?

No, sorry, Div 4

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I think people have learned from last year not to write off anyone. Nobody would have predicted some of the results that happened last year.


So it looks like the fixtures there were not the fixtures are the fixtures again

Fair to say the 2 favs meet in the Navan Road?

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I think so

Tink they lost a few