Adult Hurling League 2 (AHL2) 2022

I see the plunketts senior hurling team have jetted off to Portugal for a pre season training camp before the start of the league. Amateur me hole! Disgraceful

A good drinking session hopefully

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Transfer didn’t go through?


Is Derek Brennan still over them ?

Wins for O’Tooles/Eoghan Ruadh/Finbarrs/Sylvesters/Davis/Raheny

Did Scoile not beat Finbarrs last year i could see it happen this year

More annoyed he wasn’t invited on the trip.

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All games going ahead as planned? Weather seems dry today until Sunday so hopefully so

Didn’t play each other last year if memory serves me

Just checked you are correct dont know where i remember that from was it 2020 there where 2 league games before covid arrived

I remember scoil beating us in long meadows could have been 2019 or 2020

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TD vs Erin’s Isle- OFF

Could they not use the all weather pitch?

3 games already on it today

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How did the crumlin game go?

O’Tooles Twitter have it as O’Tooles 1 - 17 to 1 - 4

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