Adult Hurling League 2 (AHL2) 2022

Started off as an excel sheet…

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Pasted in very well, expected it to resemble a car crash

Division ten north promotion playoff? Thought winners of south and north went straight up?

Portobello won Div 10 South. Think they have been promoted now.

Is it a playoff for the winners of the north league?

Sooooo you’re saying the fixture list that was sent out early January isn’t gonna hold up?? :slight_smile:


Should be a close enough game. Is Danny back playing with Judes?

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He is


Boden’s first team playing Lucan in the AHL1 final at the same time. You would think with Danny, Judes will have enough to win and get back to the top division.

Danny played in the game against Boden the other week. He got plenty of attention. There wasn’t much in it. It’d be disappointing if our lads didn’t have enough this weekend but it won’t come easy. It’d be something else if Boden had enough strength in depth to have two squads competing in AHL1 next year.

Think this is moved to 10.00 in the morning (Sat)

Any truth that there is a mass exodus in terms of referees, including some high profile names in Dublin GAA having walked out

Speaking to one of the better senior A championship refs a few weeks back and he said they had to do something new to qualify as a senior ref next year and he didn’t do it so wont be reffing senior A next year wont lie i missed what he said it was and the game he was about to ref was going to start so didn’t get a chance to ask him what it was
But definitely won’t be reffing senior next year


FT Jude’s 0-22 Boden 0-10


Good, would worry if Jude’s lost Boden second team.

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Both clubs involved in play offs at lower leauges later this evening…is that why it was on so early

Or Westlife😁

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No a Jude’s player is getting married today and Boden played fair I believe…


Even when Judes didn’t accommodate them earlier in the year. Fair play to Boden.

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No idea at all about that.
Probably suited Boden also the 10am start, with a club funeral later on, Ray McKenna RIP…