Adult Hurling League 2 (AHL2) 2022


Very sad about Ray. RIP


This is news to me Same format as always as per pre covid sit rules test and written exam on same day pass them both and If your on the A panel your good to go to be appointed for senior championship.

Was it to undertake a fitness test? Or a test in SpecSavers?

Eh both😆 but theres a mad shortage of refs maybe you should voulunteer your 20/20 vision sure when all else fails blame the easy target did it myself as a player.

Some turnout at Rays funeral today faces from lots of clubs represented no more than he deserved a pure gent.


Dont want to name him but he refs division 1 and senior A and said wont be doing it next year because of something which unfortunately i didnt catch but it was on the lines of fitness

Honestly i dont know i ref both and it was same protocal as normal ,show up pass both move on to games

I asked around a few people on this and seems hard to get information. There has been fitness test & rules test for the Senior A championship for a few years, but not since covid. Apparently the pass mark of the fitness is very low & achievable and is lower than pre-covid too. Didn’t hear anything of a mass exodus refs not willing to do it

Probably best you don’t. A good idea.

This posting is a bit of a grenade. Can you give any more background or an explanation as to how many constitute a mass exodus? High profile names or name?

High profile an amusing term alright.

it was lowered slightly from 14.8 to 14.6 both pretty easy to achieve and your talking 2 runs less on beep test i dont understand the gripe tbh ?

Hes gone to ref in the hows he premier league

I did know there was a beep test but not familiar enough with the beep test to know how hard or easy that is. If its been there before and only stopped because of covid & seems like a concession has been made lowering it?
Im sure by the sounds of it, its probably more difficult to ref the game so what’s the issue?

Did the relegation match go ahead?

doesnt look like it

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I heard that Crumlin conceded? Can’t vouch as my source was 8 pints deep

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