Adult Hurling League 3 (AHL3) 2019

If the list of teams below are correct ,This division could be competitive this year , Marks and Maurs I expect to go close with Castleknock in the shake up . Hope Parnells are competitive but the noises coming out of Chanel suggest they may not be . Most of the rest have been mid table merchants for last few years but there’s always 1 that makes a good push . Heard Pats went over to play Peregrines at the weekend and they had no team …

St Pats
St Marks
St Maurs
K Crokes
St Peregrines
Round Towers
Naomh Mearnog

I’d expect Crokes to win it. Towers have been unfortunate over the past few seasons but should be thereabouts too. You’d never write off Boden because of the numbers they have available to them.

Be surprised if Peregrines have no team. They played Isles in a challenge match on December 30th last year and had good numbers out

Mis communication peregrines management contacted pats for a challenge match problem was it was for the footballers of which 28 turned out , hurlers had already trained that morning , peregrines will have no problems fielding this season and will be a better proposition than last year

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Crokes second team will be favourites no doubt

Looking at the transfers it’s impossible to see anything but walkovers when it comes to Parnells

I thought they were staying with the club?

I may have missed some update but the transfers list I saw from December had about 20 lads from them transferring out

I think any transfer appeals are being held this week.

You missed the bit that said that they were requests!!! Most were refused!

Did any go through?

Parnells had 24 applications in, of which 17 were refused and 1 withdrawn

Unless they have too many lads putting big ball first or heading to the states in summer I call Castleknock

I’d imagine castleknocks priority will be getting the footballers back into Div 1 that could stifle the hurlers, they will be there or thereabouts no doubt , Maurs will be dark horses plenty of quality at underage and players playing from Skerries and surrounding areas

no reason why lads cant double up between afl2 and ahl3

Agree there’s no reason however I’ve friends who are members of Castleknock and for one reason or another hasn’t been a lot of dual in last couple of seasons

Lot of lads chose football over last couple of years, had huge effect on Hurlers. From what I’ve heard, football is first in Castleknock.

I see Castleknoch have 3 minor hurling teams this year. Must be a first for them in hurling. I heard they have 4 in football! don’t know if that is correct

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Not surprising. Prior to their foundation St Bridgids were one of the biggest clubs in Dublin.

So 6 went through … Do you know where those 6 went to?

O Tooles got 3 and na fianna one I think. One to Joesephs for football