Adult Hurling League 3 (AHL3) 2020

Naomh Mearnog
Round Towers ©

Setanta the only Senior A team
Castleknock, Clontarf, Round Towers
The rest are Intermediate / Junior A

Cuala’s second team are my favourites

Id have a strong fancy for Castleknock getting out of the group influx of minors will help , no idea where Setanta are regarding playing at this grade , for me Castleknock Maurs with Crokes not to far off the pace

Crokes gone up, Setanta & Olaf’s down from Div. 2.

Sure Crokes third team went up from div 4 could be wrong

Sorry yes, forgot Crokes 3rd team in League. Some going.

Just the bits you hear , but I’m told there wouldn’t be a lot between their team that got prom from 3 and their team that got promoted from 4 add in usual mix of minors on the scene hence I’d expect them to be competitive
Overall gut says Castleknock 1st very open for second

Strongest div 3 ever??

Setanta followed by Castlenock to lead the pack here, with Castlenock to win it. The numbers and quality of minors coming through at Castlenock is remarkable, this year or next they will come good eventually.

Honestly couldn’t say, but not doubt there will be some serious hurling done , really looking forward to it , looking at the teams you’d think a good start first three four games would be crucial , find yourself playing catch up very quickly

This is a very strong league. All teams will fancy their chances.

You would expect a big bounce back from Setanta after being hit by injuries last year. If they have all their players back they will be in with a shout. I think they have a new manager too.

The likes of Setanta, Clontarf, Towers and Mearnog may suffer set backs without their dubs lads playing. Not saying that they cannot win the league without them. But i think Castleknock and Olafs would be favourites for me

Olafs had a couple of players on Dublin minor teams in recent years, they could bounce back very strongly.

Con’s youngest brother (Eoin ?) is meant to be a good Hurler and will likely play for Cuala’s second team this year.

Would agree about other teams and Dublin player involvement costing them the odd game.
The same applies for Setanta with McGibber, they rely very heavily on him.

Cuala & Olafs my top 2.

Maurs to fall off a little after several years of gains and no notable Minor or U21 teams in recent years.

I think the numbers/quality of minors coming through has been a little over exaggerated by some on here. This year was the first time in a good few years we’ve had a team in MHL Div. 1 & the Minor A Championship. We’ve never won a Minor A Hurling Championship & have only won 1 Minor B Championship which was back in 2009. Luke Swan & Conor Murray’s Team are the only team to have won A Championships on the way up & they’re still Minor Club this year.

You don’t have to win div 1 championships at minor to compete in Div 3 adult , if you check no team in div 3 are at that level , ourselves competed at div 4 minor last year, your argument may hold re B championship but not in the league, serious underachievement if you guys don’t go up this year

I was replying to South Dublin saying “ The numbers and quality of minors coming through at Castlenock is remarkable“, I wasn’t commenting on our ability to win the league or get promoted.

As an aside Kilmacud & Ballyboden got promoted out of this league last year & both teams would have had plenty of lads who played in & won minor A Championships.

Yes and their first teams are in Div 1, indeed some of those minors played on county teams growing up and if Castleknock were division 1 I would suspect most minors would struggle to make that team , but that’s not the case

I’m been Involved with minor hurling teams for the last 5 years and Castlenock always had at least a good div 2 team with 5/6 strong lads every year, could of competed in div 1 last year also if they wanted. Also they had 3 teams during 2 of those years with their manager saying they had 60 minors in 2017 I think it was, if that’s not remarkable numbers I’m not sure what is. What other club in Ahl3 can produce that many minors year after year? From last years AHL3 teams some can’t even field at minor and I’d say 8 from 11 of those clubs would be div 3/4 at minor for the last 5 years or so.


Honestly think this league is wide open this year.
Anybody from Castleknock, Clontarf, Maurs, Olafs, Round Towers, and Setanta could win this and/or get promoted in my view.
Crokes and Cuala are also well in the mix, although With 2nd teams inconsistency can affect them…depending on who’s available and time of year etc

Very open , there teams on paper that deserve favourites tag , but a defeat or two and catch up could prove quite difficult looking forward to it and the release of fixtures

Crokes 3rd team

Lads,anyone know when exactly the Master fixture list is being released.