Adult Hurling League 3 (AHL3) 2020

Wasn’t released until last week in January last year

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Last year was 23rd so it should be tomorrow or thurs.

I’d say the first League game is the last Sunday (23rd) anyway

It was provisionally set for that Sunday anyways yes.

Fixtures out , go to Hill 16, scroll to about page 8 on all fixtures , if you click in at the top header of the league and go into fixtures you will see every game
Tough start for ourselves away Clontarf , home Mearnog and then away Cuala

Opening Round Fixtures

Ye beat Clontarf last year so shouldn’t be too fearful Damo

We did ,was at the game built up a healthy lead but let them back in it second half , they went on to get stronger as season progressed we didn’t
there were many contributing factors injuries and retirements being of particular note which hampered us
Looking at the league fixtures for majority of teams there is an element of on any given day feel

I will go for wins for Olafs, Castleknock, Cuala, Setanta, Clontarf and Maurs Towers to draw

Mearnog drew with Setanta

Clontarf completely out played Peregrines, Clontarf pitch immaculate

One of the best pitches around

Clontarf rack up some big scores at times but any time I have seen them I have never felt there are many top class forwards :thinking:

Must be catching them on off days

We beat them last year , for various reasons 8 lads that would have togged last year not there ,it’s going to be a tough season but there is better hurling in us that’s for certain

8 is far too many to lose and stay competitive, sorry for ye whatever their reasons were

Castleknock blitzed Marks, Dotsy must finally have packed it in

Not a bad result for Mearnóg as Setanta would have ambitions to bounce right back up to Division 2. Setanta would have been without McGibb though who would be worth 3/4 scores.

Maurs probably the strongest result today as they lost this exact same fixture this time last year if I am not mistaken ?

You don’t really rate Clontarf tbh! (BTW You’re from Syls aren’t you?)

Home club is in Waterford but have been involved with a few Northside teams in a coaching / management capacity. I have done some coaching with Syls. Played with Syls years ago and Clanna-Gael when first up in Dublin. but am several years out of the game.

Clontarf have a fantastic underage structure and are typically playing in Division 2 up at many ages and were obviously good enough to make the Inter Final. All I am saying is any time I go watch them I am never blown away by individual performances. I guess the team collective is what counts with them.

I’ve never seen so many porkies in the one post. :joy::joy::joy::joy: