Adult Hurling League 3 (AHL3) 2020

Happy to receive the award for February 2020 :slight_smile:

Honestly though have nothing against Clontarf, they are a fine club and have made more progress over the past 10-years in Hurling than most other clubs in Dublin

For someone with nothing against them, you have a lot to say about them

I’m trying to build a few hundred apartments in St Annes Park you see and the ****ers keep objecting and getting in the way of a good capitalist like myself making a few bucks


Be hopeful of a game this week , weather cold but without the requirement of a Noah’s ark for team transport , think our game v Mearnog should get the go ahead scheduled for blanch IT

Predictions for the weekend
Castleknock V olafs Home Win
St Maurs v Clontarf draw
Peregrines v mearnog Home win (Loyalty vote)
Setanta v Cuala Home win
Kevinsv Marks Home win
Crokes v R Towers Home win

Are ye mad,sure that place is a swamp in the middle of the summer :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

I’ll go with home wins everywhere except Mearnog.

Some good games on papee

Towers not be favs for this league? Smyth should swing that for Clontarf and mcGibb for Setanta

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Funnily enough in this league sometimes the county player doesn’t always have the impact you’d expect, looking forward to a game in the morning

Mearnog very easy win v peregrines

Maurs won by 4 goals, 4-12 to 0-12

Towers are definitely not favourites for this League with 2 loses from 2 already

Maurs look like the team to beat…have beaten two top teams by 10 and 12 points.
Getting better every year, fair play to them

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Start of the year I said Maurs and Castleknock , nothing so far to change my mind , Going to be a long long season for my own club based on two results to date

Very hard to stop Eoghan Conroy. A great player.


Is he going well?

Yep. His da told me yesterday that he had hip issues and that was why he could not continue hurling with Dublin. An awful pity.


Jeez, that’s a shame, glad he’s going well at club level tho.

Is he playing in the forwards or at centre back? Should do some serious damage up front in this league and in the championship

Plays wing forward or edge of square. Great hand. 6 ft 5. Whatcha gonna do!

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