Adult Hurling League 4 (AHL 4) 2020

Ballyboden St Endas
Good Counsel / Liffey Gaels
Na Fianna
St Brigids
St Judes
St Patricks P
St Vincents

One team short here. It looks like Bray haven’t entered a team for 2020?

Fingallians favs?

Na Fianna, Judes, Vincents or Fingallians for me.

Hard to know where GCLG or Parnells will be but as clubs first teams could all also challenge as well.

Im a big believer that things are bad if 2nd teams are winning leagues!!


Describe bad ? It can mean anything, Boden Crokes second team we played them last year and there’s guys with Leinster medals in their pockets lining out for the second team , these guys would get a game in most clubs first team.

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By bad I mean if s clubs 3rd team as in Boden win a league ahead of a progressive clubs 1st team eg Fingallians, then it shows sn issue in Dublin club hurling. Dont think it hapens in other counties who are liam mccarthy counties, could be wrong on that of course

I appreciate Cuala vins na fianna will have some lads playing who are 1st team potential

Good Counsel / Liffey Gaels to be promoted again .

Don’t know if it does happen in other Liam McCarthy counties or not.
But it does happen a lot in football in Dublin and hasn’t stopped us winning plenty of Sam’s recently!

Juvenile games off, any adult games cancelled?

Brigids 1-17 Commercials 2-07
Bray 2-15 Judes 2-15
Fingallians 6-23 GCLG 0-03
Parnells 0-15 Vincents 2-14
Boden 4-19 Pats 3-08

Any score from Na Fianna V Cuala? Not sure if the Fingallians GCLG score is correct, it’s the one from Dublin GAA

some win by Fins

Commercials in freefall the last 5-years

Counsel missing two quinns for first few games so will struggle as would any team

That explains a lot of it so. Are they both injured or away? Big loss to any team

I know one is away until summer not sure about other could be injured just know wil be missing. Will be same for football team big loss I’d imagine

One was the younger brother playing today two twins weren’t

That Boden Pats result is nasty. Boden’s third team. Pats look to be in free fall. Rushe hardly played did he?

He did play. Game was tight for a good while. Only 2 in it at half time but pats gave away a couple of soft goals in the 2nd half.

Nice to hear he is getting to play some league with his club again especially since they are in a downward spiral, at least he can try do his bit

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Was Ná Fianna V Cuala played?