Adult Hurling league 4 (AHL 4) 2023

AHL4: @StBrigidsGAA 2-12 @clgNaFianna 7-11.

AHL4: @StVincentsGAA1 3-14 @Peregrinesgaa 3-9.

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AHL4: @SkerriesHarps 1-16 @goodcounselgaa 2-17.

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AHL4: @GAALucan 2-16 @KevinsHurling 1-14.

Na Fianna and Vincent’s play on Saturday you would expect the winner to take the league then

Good Counsel beat Lucan so I think they should actually be in 3rd place if it works off head to head?

Tight at the bottom too still a fair few teams that could find them selves in a relegation play off

Good to see GCLC pushing for promotion


Correct and right.


Peregrines 2-18 Lucan 2-19

Win for Skerries over Brigids, 1-20 to 0-06

Clan hammered Counsel.

Where did that come from?

Clan have had some strong performances this year so no surprise they won but Counsel must have been missing lads tonight… or been in the pub before the game.


I think you will see a lot of unexpected results and during the summer. Holidays, J1, s. Etc


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