Adult Hurling League 4 (AHL4) 2016

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I see Bray gave Plunketts a W/O last night. After hammering other teams at the bottom of the table they give 1 a w/o because of Wicklow hurling championship. Farce that their playing in Dublin leagues.

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I think its great that they have entered the Dublin in an effort to improve their game. They are obliged to play in their home championship and I am sure that they wouldn’t be happy either at having to give a walkover.

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not sure i agree with them being in the Dublin leagues, but they are a very good team and should make the playoffs. i reckon crokes will win the league with bray, clontarf ,judes and brigids/na fianna taking last playoff spot

Shouldnt be in the leagues if their own championship affects them playing matches. I thought there was a rule that they coudnt play inter county players as well no?

Plenty of other counties facilitate clubs from outside their boundary lines. Not much difference between giving walkovers for lack of numbers and walkovers due to involvement in home county championship. Same penalties apply. Walkovers given at all levels this year!!

Any score from Na Fianna V OPER?

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Plunketts conceded

Anyone have missing results;

Fingallians V Judes
Boden V Lucan
Lucan V Clontarf
Boden V Finians

Boden 1-8 Finians 3-15. Fins beat Judes a few weeks ago

Cheers, anyone have Boden V Lucan and Lucan V Clontarf results?

Anyone able to help with the 2 outstanding results?

Clontarf had championship this weekend so no league game

Thanks Parish, that was Clontarf OPER game. The two results I’m after were played in August.

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Boden beat Lucan by a couple back at the start of August.

How does relegation work, bottom automatic and the next play off?

Clontarf v Lucan was called off due to a death in Clontarf.
Contarf v finnians and SOPER off because of champo

Bottom 2 straight down, no playoffs for relegation.

Clontarf (Via Champ and Death) have 4 league games to play add in Leinster Play/off, football etc could hold the league up massively. Hopefully outstanding games can be played midweek under lights if needed.

thanks Parish