Adult Hurling League 4 (AHL4) 2017

Bray 1-12 Boden 4-12

Finians 2-12 Vins 3-8…tough game.

Any result from the Cuala Plunketts or was it off?

Called off due to Cuala’s involvement in all Ireland club!

Cheers, was thinking that may be the case, I didnt think Cualas Senior team played division four

Cuala’s 2nd team are in Division 4 but presume there would be lads involved in senior panel that would be playing division 4 also.

Boden 1-13 Na Fianna 0-21
Better team won. Some very good young players coming up through na Fianna. Pacey and fit too.

Any resutls from Clontarf or Vinnies?

Vinnies beat Plunketts 4-4 to 4 points.

Is that the correct score?

Yes… you can watch highlights on Channel 4’s playback service, All Fours.

How’d the other game end? Clointarf I think

Fins won handy I think

Anyone know the score?

Maurs V Finians ended 0-13 v 1-17(i am told, I wasn’t at the game)

Fingallians 2-15 Boden 2-7

Clontarf 2-11 Boden 0-14
I have to say, going on the games we’ve played, the standard is really high in this league this year. Na Fianna, Clontarf and Fingallians all good teams.

Is the Finains score correct?


Boden 2.9 Judes 0.5