Adult Hurling League 4 (AHL4) 2022

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Wins for Marks/Cuala/GCLG’s/Clanns/Jude’s/Vinnies

I’d be confident our lads (Peregrines) will have more than enough for Counsel / Liffey Gaels, will come on and eat humble pie if I’m wrong
Hoping the slide has stopped and lads can either consolidate in Div 4 or give promotion a rattle , fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:t2: first game of the season you’ve got to be optimistic
That said hurling in this weather not for the faint hearted if you can find a playable pitch that is

One of the Quinns is back from abroad for GCLG, will make a big difference

Thanks for the heads up , any chance you can tell us where he will be playing :rofl:

Midfield or Wing Forward

Send the €10 tip charge to my OnlyFans account please :grin:

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My son just explained to me what that is :man_facepalming: :rofl:

Did any games get the go ahead at the weekend ?

Marks beat Brigids 1-15 to 0-14

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Hill 16 now updated , Peregrines game didnt go ahead

You’d want to stay off those Onlyfan sites…


Now go back and ask him how he knows and you’ll soon find out where your credit card is gone :joy::joy:

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Peregrines Clann switched to Peregrines due to Clann pitch unplayable

Ringsend being unplayable suggests a high tide?

Pitch has passed the inspection in Blakestown too according to Twitter. Whats it like Damo? Its generally a hard surface out there anytime I’ve played on it but must be very soft today

Here now , looks like it’s going ahead , very soft but playable, it’s clubs main pitch , will know a bit more after lads have started running on it


1-7 to 10 draw half time

peregrines 1-16 to Clann 14 pts
Pitch held up well enough considering the rain we’ve had

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