Adult Hurling League 4 (AHL4) 2022

Jude’s marks abandoned today I heard after a marks lads started something off the ball ? Can anyone confirm

Explanation in the replies.

A Marks man got sent off and a Judes supporter (assuming the dad if the Judes player) ran on squaring up to the Marks man. He then started shouting abuse at the referee and wouldn’t leave the pitch. The Ref then called the game off saying he’s not there to take abuse

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Boden 5.15 Brigids 2.08

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This weeks games

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Any word on tonight’s games

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Thanks for updates :+1:

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Marks Vins didn’t happen ,

Conceded ? by a team or postponed ?

The referee didn’t turn up

Christ thats bad , last thing lads need with games coming fast n heavy

Do a google, I dare ya.

Delete delete delete

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When ?

Mid week , it was due to be played Wednesday I think

Important bottom of the table clash there

How does relegation work in this league? Bottom team down and next two play off?