Adult Hurling League 5 (AHL5) 2017

12th March 12.00

Faughs 2 v Faughs

St Marks v Crumlin

Ballyboden St Endas v Clanna Gael Fontenoy

Counsel Gaels v Clanna Gael Fontenoy

Ballinteer St Johns v Skerries Harps

St Vincents v Whitehall Colmcilles

Clan Na Gael beat Boden
Counsel Gaels beat Realt Dearg
Marks beat Crumlin

Marks seem to have got a lot of players back who had transferred out for one reason or another, including Dotsie, so must be strong favourites for this league imo…

BSJ 0-19 ; 1-15 Skerries

Wonder how Faughs v Faughs went? Be impressive if it was a close contest.

Skerries are probably looking to push on to higher end of that league this year but might have reached their level after years of moving up the ranks.

Marks 1-23 SuperHurler 2-6… Marks are alright, took full advantage of the conditions which we couldn’t replicate in the second half… reckon I scuppered an additional 1-5 which still wouldn’t have been enough. The joys of winter hurling!

Faughs 1-13 Faughs 2 1-13. Not sure what that tells us!

1-23 is impressive scoring for the first game of the season.

Sunday 26th March 12.00

Faughs v St Marks

Skerries Harps v St Vincents

Realt Dearg v Ballinteer St Johns

Clanna Gael Fontenoy v Counsel Gaels

Crumlin v Ballyboden St Endas

Whitehall Colmcilles v Faughs 2

Crumlin v BBSE moved to Sancta Maria on Wednesday, i don’t know why!

Harps 3-10 Vincent’s 2-7

Clans drew with Counsel Gaels.

Realt Dearg 1-11 BSJ 2-13

How many years this Crumlin team been in Division 5 Hurler? Is this Crumlins second team ?

Anybody ask why?

Any idea on what the score was?

This is our 3rd consecutive year in AHL5 after BSJ gave a last game walkover to Vinnies thus relegating us the year before, It used to be Intermediate in league and champo then Inter 2 and Junior A 16/17 years ago then dropped to Junior B 13 years ago and DIV 5 when it was created but never AHL4. The closest the club ever came to getting out of the league was 2009 when there was 2 teams in the division, one of the teams gave a walkover to Crokes which jumped the other team down to 3rd and we genuinely could and should have won the Junior B from any year from 2008 to 2015(whatever year SOPER won it), save when Counsel won it in 2009 and Parnells in 2010 or 11… (not opening up them wounds again)

I’m the Superhurler btw in both name and ability… and yep this is the second team, we lost the 3rd team 2 and a bit years ago i think, probably will deservedly lose the second in 5 years or so unless something changes.

You’re welcome for the history lesson, have a good one.


I’m sure they did, just not me! Obviously if it was us or them it was acceptable to the other side. Managed to sponge 5 minutes against the All-Ireland Club Champs so it was all good and we were a goal better for it :wink:

Boden beat crumlin think it was 3.17 to 1.10

09 Apr 11:00

McGee Park St Marks v Faughs 2

Ballycullen Ballyboden St Endas v Faughs

Liffey Park Counsel Gaels v Crumlin

Marley Park Ballinteer St Johns v Clanna Gael Fontenoy

Pairc Na Uinsionn St Vincents v Realt Dearg

Skerries Skerries Harps v Whitehall Colmcille

Any results?