Adult Hurling League 5 (AHL5) 2017

Harps 1-16 Whitehall 3-11

BSJ beat Clanna Gael by 3

Faughs 6-17 Boden 3-11

St Vincents 0-16 Realt Dearg 1-18

Counsel Gaels 3-13 Crumlin 1-4, a fair reflection on the the game.

Crumlin 2-08 BSJ 0-11

BSJ 2-15 Faughs 1-9

St. Marks 3-15 v 3-10 Councel Geals FT

BSJ 2-13 Faughs (B) 2-7

Balinteer 1-11 v 2-10 St. Marks FT

Any other resutls from the weekend?

Clanna Gael 1-15 Whitehall 0-12
Realt Dearg 2-20 Crumlin 4-9
Skerries 3-7 Faughs 1 1-9

No results from Vinnies v Faughs 2 or Counsel and Boden on dublingaa

Boden Beat Counsel Gaels

Realt Dearg in the mix for promotion to Division 4 (Intermediate Level League). They have made incredible progress over the years.

St. Marks 4-12 v 0-08 St. Vincent’s FT

I’d only consider AHL3 Intermediate being fair, i don’t know about the rest of you. Teams in AHL5 who are usually playing above relegation are more than capable of beating AHL4 teams in the top half of AHL4, the only measurable difference for a lot of teams is if they could field on a Saturday evening rather than a Sunday morning.

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I wouldnt agree with you on that front Super. While a division five team can get a result against a divison 4 team, to be able to remain in the league you need to do it week in week out. I found it a touch faster and less time on the ball, and faster thinking players.

Thats in general, it does change from club to club( championship/league panels) and time of the year( not the time of the week)

I would agree that to play INTER CHAMPIONSHIP and be competitive you need division 3 hurling

Crumlin 3-18 Whitehall 1-7 could have been 8-18 but for sheer excellence by the Whitehall keeper 5 point blank saves… half arsed second half from all concerned as it lashed rain so 3-18 was alright and exactly one third of my personal tally for the year so it looks like my second consecutive year without breaking a ton (barely) :cry: sorry to all my fans, next match in September, have a good1 :wink:

Signed some players you mean

BSJ 5-18 Whitehall 1-9