Adult Hurling League 5 (AHL5) 2019

The modern day Faughs? LOL

They pick a lot of players but not too many high quality players.


Wonder if that’s how they see it?

I suppose what I am trying to say is that they tend to be a very balanced team with equal strength all over as opposed to picking up 1/2 unreal sharpshooters from outside Dublin

Dearg expected to struggle in this league?


Going by above comments

I think they will do well and be competitive but I’m not sure they are picking up the level of high quality player they need to fill the gap of not having an underage structure feeding through. They have lost countless Championships & League Finals and I think their model will eventually run out of steam. They got the worst possible first game in the draw and the two quinn brothers will be a level above anything they have come across hitherto.

The challenge for RD in attracting lads of a high standard is that they don’t have 30 senior championships to attract the big names. So they are totally reliant on their own network. Same with St Joseph’s OCB and Civil Service.

Any results?

Realt Dearg 1-14 GGLG 3-19

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Finians and Lucan drew

Skerries 2-09 Clan na Gael 2-09
OPER 2-09 Whitehall 1-11

Good win for counsel

Do RD not have Internet like Jude’s have? If they have people could google them

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To be expected IMO

Boden 2.11 Vincent’s 0.10

Good Counsel very impressive yesterday. The two Quinns did all the damage. They should win this league at a canter IMO

As predicted by many on here

There is more to this story than the twins,They are the real deal alright and great that they have returned to their childhood club which has amalgamated with another from the same locality.Up until recently playing numbers were down due to ageing population.However currently there is a large group of young hurlers training hard and making even training very competitive.This is a direct result of Peter Elliot(Crumlin) being made the first GPO around 2005.Hence the Quinn’s are hurling with skilled young, fit men and as well as older good hurlers who are not just making up the numbers.