Adult Hurling League 5 (AHL5) 2019

Great to hear. I saw the Counsel Gaels U15 squad play in a local derby last year. It was a lower league but the standard was pretty high and some seriously big and skillful lads playing. In the 80s/ 90s Crumlin, Kevins and Good Counsel were strong senior hurling clubs. Liffey Gaels had produced some top underage teams in this period also and were probably stronger than the local senior clubs referenced for a long period in the late 80s. There is lots of natural talent in the area, however social and demographic changes from the late 80s have had a major impact on the catchment areas. We hear a lot about the “financial doping” of Dublin GAA and advantages associated with population and the availability of Croke Pk, but the work the GPOs do in these areas are worth a lot more than All-Ireland medals. Hopefully the general area will return to having three senior hurling clubs in the future and the local competition will result in all boats rising in the tide. No doubt with SJG starting hurling in recent years they will want to get in on the action too! I see they have a few lads on the U14 development squad. Great to see!


Are they not involved with the county team this year?


What positions did they play?

Our gpo for years out here, solid hurling Man!!

Both started in full forward line

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They hardly both remained there? They’d each have great engines, no?

in a word…yes.

Ben was out midfield and half forward line. Alex in the FF line. RD did well to be fair they have a few good hurlers. 1-14 against counsel isn’t bad


Boden and Finians drew 1.12 a piece

Lucan beat skerries

How did Counsel get on?

They won. Didn’t get the result tho.

Think the Counsel score was 4.15 1.8

Realt Dearg beat Na Fianna 4.12 to 2.11

can anyone put a halt to the Counsel \Liffey train?

Irish Rail could slow it down, if that’s of any use!!


It’s not so much a train but rather a refurbished aircraft carrier with the 3 lads back. No way they’ll be stopped in Division 5.

Skerries threw away the game last night to Boden, beaten by 3 points after conceding a late penalty and a Red card in separate incidents.

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Any reason why the game was played earlier in the week?