Adult Hurling League 6 (AHL 6) 2023

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Did Fingallians skip a division?
They were Division 8 last year I think

Seems they have. They went unbeaten in div 8 i think last year.

Seems odd! TD had to win div 7 twice unbeaten to go up!

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Not sure who they replaced. Crokes and olafs went down to 7.

Realt Dearg were relegated from div 5. But they seem to be no more, hence the extra spot taken by Fingallians. Who I think will do reasonably well in this division

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I’d say Raheny and Sylvesters will go up. Erin’s Isle, Vincent’s and St Jude’s will be in contention for promotion also

Entered into Div 9 though which is a bit of a joke

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Thats a joke. They should be in 6 or not be allowed in. Easy championship for all the country lads.

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Agree on syls and raheny. Cant see judes or isles challenging unless they have new players from last year. Raheny will definitely be up there come end of the year.

TD haven’t lost a league game in a few years albeit in Div 7 2 years and Div 8, but I’d expect a decent run. Looks like a very competitive league.

how many teams have RD now? just one? had 3 @one stage

Just the one. Its a joke they are in div 9.

doesnt seem right that they are in AHL9

COVID really seemed to put an end to the momentum they had generated. lads went back to the country to work from home. or have the like of portobello and st james gaels started to hoover up lads who would previously went the Realt Dearg direction? Both didnt have a hurling team 3 years ago

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Who knows. Only time will tell. Obviously with only one team now they lost a lot of players. Div 9 nowadays is not like it was a few years back! . Lots of capable teams in it.

Any Predictions for the weekend

Very hard to predict at the start of the year.

Wild geese
Raheny all to win

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Hard to disagree with these predictions, although think TD could be strong at home against Judes

Geese beat Barróg by 2 points


Weekly round-up: Fingallians and Erins Isle drew. Good game, expect both sides to surprise a few this year and push for promotion. Clontarf pulling a shock win over Sylvesters gives them great momentum. Raheny with a strong win over Vincents, Thomas Davis also look very strong. Geese with a tight win over Barrog, thought they would win that comfortably but heard they were missing a few key players