Adult hurling league 6 (AHL 6) 2023

TD boden postponed

Vincents 2-7. Wild geese 5-12

TD one point win in isles last night. Could have went either way in a low scoring but keenly contested game with one of the worst refs I’ve seen in a while. Some refs are now just past their time. TD 1-10 Isles 12

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Raheny drew with wild geese.

Hint of a jersey clash


Strange enough comment re. The ref. Thought he was very fair. Let the game flow for the most part when he could. TD scored 2 points from play second half and benefited from frees. Free taker was very good. Overall was a good game of hurling.TD a good side.

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Hi Ref


Agreed some are. Played in a game last night there must have been 50 frees and 15 throw ins.
Actually question why bother coming off the pitch.

You must be joking ? Seriously. TD benefited from blatant frees second half, ones he had no choice but to call. There is letting it flow and letting it flow to be fair,. No consistency with his calls at all, that was the general consensus from the whole Davis line and team. Isles unlucky not to come away with at least a point, good battle between both teams.

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Not for too long ha

Player Fit suits you.

On a juvenile size pitch

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Temporary pitch. New sand based pitch be put in main ground.

Some interesting results there this week, all teams in this league are fairly well-matched which is good to see. Raheny and Clontarf both dropped points however I still expect Raheny to top, followed by TD and Clontarf. But I wouldn’t write them wild Geese lads off yet!

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New temporary pitch is a fair bit bigger than our old pitch. Never heard any complaints about it?! But as a poster said above we should have a nice new pitch in the not too distant future :slightly_smiling_face:

Probably one of the most well matched leagues outside of the top divisions!

Lost one game during the league, and only finished runners up.

Great win for the Geese this evening. 6 points behind and a man down at ht. But a very impressive 2nd half where Fins had no answer for them. Very good hurling from both sides.


Ye went down to watch it myself and was impressed by the standard, WG was a man down after like 10 mins but deserved the win in my opinion. If they could finish they could have and should have won by about 10 points. Have 2 or 3 excellent hurlers particularly one of their forwards who seemed almost senior level, if anyone knows who he is, tall and athletic? Anyway great to see, a small hurling club like them producing talent


Agreed very good standard for ahl6. Geese had a few big tall lads in the forwards and a couple of lively hurlers around the middle. Don’t recall anyone player standing out, thought it was a solid team performance all round from them that got the job done. They did have a lot of wides compared to fins. The fins no20 the free taker was very good also.

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