Adult hurling league 6 (AHL 6) 2023

Big derby win for Barrógs. That Raheny team were going well!

Surprised at that result. Very good win for Barog

You’d wonder if injuries and possibly dual player have possibly caught up with Wild Geese, would’ve expected them to come out on top against Boden!

Missing a lot of players against boden. At least 5 or 6 starters i heard. Few subs aswell. Only 16 players against boden.

Lots of teams in this league will take points off each other. Very competitive league


Not sure I’d have many teams as favorites away to Boden. Boden looks consistent this year and I’d expect them to be in the mix for promotion. Geese have a lot of dual players, probably more of a negative than a positive, but fair play to them doing great hurling work out in the north county.


Raheny 4-16, Jude’s 1-14

Looks like Fingallians put a bit of a spanner in the works for that promotion push from Boden! Very unpredictable league this!

Boden beat Judes 4-18 to 1-8 during the week.
Tight at the top for promotion with 4 teams well in it.

Wild geese conceded to TD

Thats suprising still had an outside chance of playoffs?

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Unfortunately too many injuries and a load of lads away. Last two games or so numbers were light.