Adult Hurling League 6 (AHL6) 2022

Very unusual to see a team have to play 2 games in 2 days

I think the Raheny/Judes game is Thursday and not Wednesday night.

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If there are any Judes AFL11 South on that hurling team, NOTHING is impossible for them.



What way does relegation work? How many go down?

Bottom down. Second and third last relegation playoff, so 2 down

Just don’t get the 2nd & 3rd last, should be straight forward bottom two go up, bottom two go down.

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In fairness, play offs keep more teams in competitive matches for longer.



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But if you finished 3rd last 6 or 8 points ahead of 2nd last and then lost the play off you’d be a bit peeved.

Of course, and the cynic in me might consider “loaded” teams. That said, you’d have known the rules on relegation and promotion from the outset.
Maybe relegate the bottom two teams, promote the top two from the division below, and have the playoff between third from bottom in a division with third from top in the next division.

Be it hurling or football, maybe at club level, there should be more promotion/relegation places to keep leagues more competitive and to also keep club teams at levels that are more representative of their abilities. If there are 16 teams in a division, top 3 are automatically promoted, bottom 3 automatically relegated, and playoffs between fourth from bottom v fourth from top from the next division. In hurling’s 12 team divisions, two automatic promotion and relegation spots the 3rd from top v 3rd from bottom playoffs.

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So it is different to Football? That is madness imo.

Football is 3 up, 3 down with first/bottom 2 automatically gone and the next 2 playoff

Smaller leagues though.


Plunketts vs syls to decide who play Raheny to go up it looks like.

Who won it?

Civil Service will win it unless Syls beat Plunketts by over 20 points and Crokes beat Civil Service

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If there was promotion in 2021 CSHC and Raheny would already be in Division 5

Plunketts beat Syls to get into the playoff. Refereeing left a bit to be desired