Adult Hurling League 7 (AHL7) 2016

Lot of comfortable results across the board a few weeks ago. Interested to see how things develop over the summer!

Looks like it’ll be a tight finish toward the end of the season. The teams that came up from Division 8 last year are going well, Cuala, Naomh Mearnog and Clontarf.

Clontarf drew with Mearnog last night. Jude’s going well also.

any reason for Brigids V Erin go Bragh not going ahead?

Referee didn’t turn up. He went to ref a soccer match instead

If that’s true he should be suspended!!!

Anyone know if Jude’s have lost or drawn this year? They look like only team to have won all games. The Hill16 table needs a good update after this weekend.

Tight at the top. Cuala vs. Judes still to come. Naomh Mearnog had an important win vs. Judes this weekend.

Referee today allowed Clontarf to play 13 a side despite them having 15 lads. A joke.

That does sound like a joke, especially if it suited Clontarf’s style of play.
Plunkett’s beat Naomh Mearnog and Jude’s drew so all very tight at the top with the exception of Cuala who have yet to lose or draw.

Not the ref’s call you should lodge an objection.

Clontarf did the same V Brigids in the league a few weeks ago as well. Defo a game plan that suits their team.

Same vs. Naomh Mearnog, a bit sneaky on their part and unfair as means some players don’t get to play but as the saying goes - ‘Hate the game, not the player’, should be the ref that stops such behavior.

If clubs are allowing this then they have no one to blame but themselves. Very poor show on Clontarf’s part.

Dont think these comments about Clontarf are fair. It was 15 v 15 in the mearnog match and both teams had subs. Clontarf played brigids with 13 men and had no subs. Clontarf played isles with 13 men and had 1 sub on the line.

Shouldn’t be playing 13 a side when you have subs under any circumstances. Against the rules apart from anything else.

Clontarf had three subs which they used against Brigids.

That said I think Alanoc is incorrect. From Ahl 5 down it is 13 a side unless both teams agree to play 15. Perhaps I’m reading the regulation wrong but don’t think so.

I may be incorrect and if I am I apologise. The juvenile regulation is you must use all players up to fifteen aside. No choice. The adult may give you a choice. Ludicrous if it does. Why leave lads standing when they could be playing?

Nonetheless that would appear to be the situation and if it is then Clontarf can use it to their advantage if they get their opponent’s agreement.

The actual ruling is

All leagues shall be 15 aside. If a team is unable to field 15 players, 13 or 14 a side may be played, with both teams playing the same number of players (13v.13 or 14v.14) in the following leagues: AHL5 or lower, MHL3 or lower, or in any adult hurling cup competition. Where a game goes ahead with either 13 or 14 a side, up to 20 players may be used by the team with the greater number of players present

Well then they are in breech. That’s the same rule as the juveniles.

so as was originallly said, they were in breech or rules v Brigid’s and Isles. Not on. And bar taking your team off the pitch there’s not a lot can be done after remonstrating with the ref who tells you they’re in the right. Crazy.