Adult Hurling League 7 (AHL7) 2016

Taking your players off the pitch could lead to them all being suspended. :wink: Inform the ref beforehand of what your interpretation of the rule is. If he doesn’t agree, play the match but request that he includes in his match report the fact that he was asked to play15 a side but didn’t. Let him know that you will be following it up with the CCC. Follow it up and let the CCC decide.

But what happens if the opposition says that the two lads are injured and cannot play? What happens if they arrive late (2 minutes after the game starts, after spending the previous 10 minutes hiding behind the tree waiting for the throw-in)? So many ways to get around the issue :slight_smile:

At CCC 2 level new arrivals are put on immediately up to 15 a side. All players should be playing as much of the game as possible. If they’re injured then they shouldn’t be togged and shouldn’t be allowed on as subs.

Clontarf didn’t have 15 against isles and only had 13 at the start of the brigids game. Some arrived well after the game started which don’t count. No breach of rules here.

Clontarf didn’t have 15 against isles and only had 13 at the start of the brigids game. Some arrived well after the game started which don’t count. No breach of rules here.

The new arrivals are put on immediately to give them game time. This is only right and proper. However, I have yet to see anything in writing instructing teams to do same. Don’t get me wrong, I agree with it, but have seen no ruling on it.

Re subs, you cannot prohibit a player from togging out and standing on the line. Similarly, I have yet to see a rule to prohibit them to come on as a sub. How can anyone expect a ref to adjudicate if a player is injured or not, or even if he had a miracle during half time and is now fit to play.

These comments are general in nature and not aimed at any club. Gamesmanship like this is unacceptable.

Richie, I’m not sure you’re correct regarding the Brigids game. At least one lad who was togged out and standing at the side of the pitch at the start of the game, then subsequently came on as a sub in the second half, when game was won.

As far as I am aware it is a 13 a side league
What I mean is that you can play 13 aside in division 7

I wonder is the issue here that contarf played 2 away games with 13 players and came away with 2 wins , rather than they played 13 players .

Maybe the rule needs to be changed and that is up to the ccc

Plenty of teams in Ahl7 .this year had to play 13 a side

Some clubs find it hard in the summer time to field and I’d say that’s what happened in those 2 matches .

If this league was not a 13 a side league them
In my opinion what would happen would be
Teams would have to play bangers to field and that’s a rule breaker
Or teams would have to give walkovers . Which could result in teams being expelled from the league and dropping a division

So to be honest I think 13 a side is pretty good

I’d rather play 13 a side than play 13 a side with 7 bangers on it to make up the 20

Great league this year .very exciting . Interesting fight at the top for playoff positions

It’s not 13 a side. As posted above all leagues are 15 a side.

If Clontarf only had 13 that would be fine. The problem is when they decide to play 13 a side with subs on the line.

Thump I would agree with Turkougheen, it is 15 a side if both teams agree, if not you play 13. That’s my was of the regulation.

The rule is posted above ffs. It’s a 15 a side league. If you only have 14 then it’s 14. If you only have 13 then it’s 13.

Thump the only place I can see the regulations is on the Boden website. The regulation is as per that posted above. However it doesn’t start with “all games are 15 a side”. Perhaps someone can clarify because without that first sentence it would appear as if it’s 13 a side unless sides both agree to play more.

Here’s the rule:

[quote]All leagues shall be 15 aside. If a team is unable to field 15 players, 13 or 14 a side may be played, with both teams playing the same number of players (13v.13 or 14v.14) in the following leagues: AHL5 or lower, MHL3 or lower, or in any adult hurling cup competition.

It can’t be any clearer than that.


Any result from Ballinteer V Erin go Bragh?

Are Balinteer still in the league? It looks like whatever points they had were taken from them. They have given at least 2 walk-overs already also. Is it not 2 before you are kicked out?

Yeah, just noticed that there, they’ve already given two walkovers before the Erin go Bragh game so are gone.

Any score from Isles and Cuala on Sunday?

That match was abandoned

Why was it abandoned?

Apparently the ref didn’t like some of the things that were being said to him from the away line. Both teams were a bit shocked when he decided to end the game