Adult Hurling League 7 (AHL7) 2017

Another year older

Any early prediction ?

With Cuala’s third team getting promoted last year it’s hard to pick a clear winner. Naomh Barrog’s second team are in this league now too. Mearnog, Clontarf, Judes have all been pushing in recent years too. Very North City League this actually.

I’d fancy cuala to win this. Imo Naomh Barrog won’t. Was tight between us,Barrog,and Round towers c last year in div 8. We lost to cuala in championship final.

Plunkets were there abouts last year .
Should go well
Clontarf were flying last year
Should go well this year

Mearnog good team and will be favourite to win it
I think they will be the team to beat

Any comments from today’s games

Some predictable results
Some not so predictable

Clontarf beat Plunkets.
Setanta lost
Round towers won
Judes won
Thomas Davis lost

Any comments from any of the games

Strong opening result for Round Towers second team who came up from 8 last year. They put a good few goals past a Raheny side that was in 6 last year.

Any score from Brendan’s match

Craobh Ciaran are 2 from 2. Starting off strong. Jude’s carrying on where they left off last year. Looks like it will be another highly contested year.

Setanta will be going OK aswell
Also clontarf .

Now that the first couple of games out off the way

Weather getting better as well a lot more junior players will start coming out of the woodwork after
Winter hibernation

Is the Craobh Ciaran team an amalgamation of an Intermediate and Division 6 team from last season?

They haven’t had an intermediate team for a good few years now. 2 teams for the last 3-4 years I reckon

They seem to be cruising in this league for a team that got demoted from AHL6 last year.

Clontarf, Judes and others might have to wait another year before they can get up.

couple of good minors or lads just out of minor, will probably lose a couple come senior championship time. Will still be fairly strong I’d imagine

Did Plunketts pull out of the league? All of their remaining games are walk-overs now. Judes seem to have maintained their form from the past few years, fair play to them. They should get the second promotion spot this year.

Plunketts intermediate team folded.Think they were division 4.But its there lower team that is punished

Their AHL4 team is relegated automatically?

Interesting, I never knew it worked that way.

Team in question (I.e Div 4 team) is relegated but has to fulfil all fixtures. Lowest rank team gets removed from league (in this case div 7) and this continues if the higher team gives another walkover (i.e if Plunketts had a team in Div 5 they would be withdrawn if the Div 4 team conceded another game). I guess its to prevent the lower team becoming stronger with the higher team relegated

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Could’nt have explained it better :+1:

Never knew that :+1: