Adult Hurling League 7 (AHL7) 2017

Pity that lads who play division 7 now have to play division 4 ’ and possibly struggle in it
It may not be so enjoyable .

Plunkets junior 7 manager must be pissed .

Silly rule

Yeah it is harsh on some lads who will not be able for the higher level but I can see why there is a need for it to be this way. AHL4 and AHL7 games are played at different times so there was obviously not too many lads form their AHL7 team willing to step up and help out. Clubs need to be careful how many teams they enter I guess but hard to call at the start of the year.

I’m sure that they can combine the 2 teams and get on with it

Ah yeah I’m not saying it is that bad a situation but there will probably be 2-3 older Junior hurlers who won’t see game time now for the rest of the year.

Clontarf 3.14
Roundtowers 3.11

Any other results

Barrog hammered setanta

Is it top team up and next four playoff for every league?

Yeah thats it.looking very good for Ciarans

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think one more win could see them take it as they have the better head to head over Judes and Isles. Presume it’s head to head first, then score difference?

I would have expected Craobh to be winning this league at the start of the year. The clubs second team and playing in Junior B championship

Don’t think they’ve even fielded a second team in the last couple of years. Minors obviously coming through this year. Would hold their own in Division 5 based on champo results

Towers gave Craobh a walkover last weekend. think that might be the league for them, not sure about head to head/ point difference when all the different walkovers are taken into account

Very surprised to see Craobh (unbeaten) lose to Thomas Davis who were near the bottom of the table.

Despite that unusual loss to Thomas Davis, Craobh won the league yesterday beating St Brendans.

Semis this weekend.

Judes should be fresh coming into it. Their last league game was August 31st :+1::+1:


Clontarf beat Isles by 4.16 to 2.7 but Isles finished with 13 players so scoreboard seriously skewed by that.