Adult Hurling League 8 (AHL 8) 2023

I think that’s a result from Junior F champo?

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Looks like Portobello have confess their games in Junior F championship as well as their footballers. You would think that spells the end to their run. Annoying and unfair on other clubs they’ve had to compete against in recent years if they are found to have been fielding illegal players.

A pity too because there is no harm in having some country imports driving up the standards in Dublin if they are fielding legal players


Similar to realt dearg before them, these clubs bring absolutely nothing to Dublin Gaa.


Joeys aswell. Parachuted a load of players in to win a junior championship. Never to be seen again.


See we’re your coming from , id argue to have players of quality in any county , has to be beneficial, equally id prefer they joined clubs in and around the area ( not usual suspects) as opposed to this now you see me now you don’t type model

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Someone must be checking up on them if they were caught in both codes … lots of clubs at it.

I knew the diagonal balls would come back to haunt them:)


Wouldn’t be surprised if they were at it too. They are clearly much weaker than previous years and should arguably be in Junior H instead of dropping through the championships depriving other teams of a place.

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