Adult Hurling League 8 (AHL8) 2016

Realtor Dearg are flying. Fancy them to tip Tower’s on Sunday and annex the title at seasons end. They are some story and not a decade in existence yet

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Very hard to call the lower leagues. You just don’t know what types of teams you’ll face, especially against some of the bigger/stronger clubs. Hope that statement doesn’t come back to bite you in the arse.

Wild geese 5-13 raheny 7 ponts

Didn’t happen for ya on Sunday Bill, by the looks of the results?

Round towers c beat wild geese today. Round towers more clinical in front of goal.
Referee let everything go. Very poor from referee.
Both sets of players became annoyed with him for not blowing the whistle. Good game of hurling. Score is wrong on hill 16. five points in the end the referee said.

Wild geese beat realt Dearg well yesterday. Nine or so points in it.

Geese beat slys in the semi final today.
Referee very poor. Think slys scored only 1-2 or 3 from play today.
Think it’s round towers © v geese in playoff final.

Towers won the final yesterday- two in the end I think

3 I think in the end. Geese didn’t score from play…
Referee was terrible, 2 or 3 towers players could of seen the line.

Hard to keep you happy!!! :wink:


Same ref!, we have played towers 3 or 4 times this year.

Same one as July too?? :smirk:

No. Not taking anything away from towers. Better team won yesterday. Can’t expect to win if we couldn’t score from play.!!