Adult Hurling League 8 (AHL8) 2017

Wild geese beat trinity gaels well

Wild geese beat Erin go breagh well

Wild geese 5-21 council gaels 4 points

Wild geese 9-15 lusk 10 points

What happened to Lusk? They hadn’t lost up until this.

9-15 is savage scoring.

Kilmacud couldn’t field against Syls yet there is a result in???

Wild geese 4-16. Bsj 1-10

Erin go breagh conceded to lusk.

Trinity beat KC 3-32 -0:00

Geese 3-20, parnells 2-7

Trinity won 4-20 to 2-5

Is this a top 4 playoff 2nd play 5th 3rd plays 4th

Think so.

Wild Geese with another win. Is that Division 8 won for ye Marv?

Geese 9-20, Castleknock 8 points.

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Any result from nga and trinity? @North


Seriously strong Geese team that.

Waiting on referee report. I’ll leave it at that for now.

Match has been marked void on the league results site.

what happened?