Adult Hurling League 9 (AHL9) 2023

Seems to be a bit of imbalance between the standard in AHL9 and AHL10. A fair few teams that would be competitive at a slightly higher level!

I wonder will they keep them together over the summer. Some young lads likely to want to go travelling no doubt!

Bar trade were Banba

We’re all in that boat me thinks, not that I would begrudge the young bucks from going

Banba was one of several teams from that trade.

Hurling clubs tended to be based closer to the city as players were mainly comprised of country lads who came to Dublin to work… a lot of whom who worked in the Bar and other trades. There was a club called Grocers but no doubt some grocery store workers played for other clubs also. It was only through the work of O’Tooles, Kevin’s, Eoghan Ruadh, Marlborough Rangers and others that a hurley was put in the hand of Dublin born players


In those days it was a hurley or a rifle

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While lots of clubs had fighting men I don’t think the radical nationalists were a majority… O’Tooles might have been an exception.

Comms beat na Gael Oga

I see Skerries have pulled from the league! Thats unfortunate…they’re doing good work promoting hurling in a football dominated area. Hopefully they’ll regroup for champo!

Can’t see beyond Commercials and Boden for promotion from this league if they keep their squads together. Putting up some serious scores!

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Comms beat civil service

Some big scores being put up tonight!