Adult Hurling League finals 2021

Are the league final playoffs this coming weekend?

Presume they have to be. Football finals are the 28th

Yeah, just seen them down for sunday morning 11am with a couple down for saturday evening

Warm up the live stream DCB, you know it makes sense!


Any punters allowed in? Let’s hope so. Should be two good games.

Would they be on Dubs TV?

Hopefully but I doubt it

From the county board this evening;

Covid-19 - Admission arrangements for teams/supporters taking part in, or attending games, in Parnell Park / O’Toole Park will be advised to the Clubs involved later.


I’m going for a northside clean sweep Na Finna,Setanta and St Vincent’s

7 clubs have 2 teams in finals this weekend
Na Fianna 1 and 7
Raheny 2 and 6
Setanta 3 and 9
St Vincents 4 and 6
Skerries 5 and 10N
Civil Service Hurling Club 6 and 10N
Thomas Davis 7 and 10S


Vincents also in final of 9 against Setanta.

Great to see smaller clubs competing instead of the super clubs dominating everything


North & South splits would have most definitely had a big impact on that

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I fancy Cuala’s 2nd team to take Setanta in the Division 3 Final

I think you meant Raheny for Division 2? I would fancy Plunketts there myself.

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For me Setanta forwards could be the difference between the 2 teams mcgibb and Clarke are very good add in Sean o Rian keep there heads take there scores and they should win
In the other game I’ll say nothing

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Setanta have a good few from Parnells playing with them now as well? Or are they still playing Div 9 with Setanta?

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Parnells are in Junior A championship?

No adult hurling this year, didn’t play league anyway